Future Makers enhance urbanised neighbourhood at Trent Basin

As part of its ambition to redefine how we see suburban neighbourhoods, Blueprint Regeneration, a forward-thinking developer that specialises in creating sustainable homes in urban settings, has created the Maker’s Yard within its Trent Basin scheme. The first resident at the Makers Yard is Future Makers. Occupying the 9,000 sq ft space, Future Makers brings art, live events and independent markets to Trent Basin, as well as exhibitions and street food stalls. With a strong focus on circular, economy-based collaborations and innovations, Blueprint is supporting Future Makers as part of its mission to bring something completely new to the market.

Since its launch, Future Makers has established itself as a multidimensional space, gaining the attention of an assorted clientele from across the region and beyond. In keeping with its downtown style approach, graffiti art is now taking shape on the facade of the building to achieve a more urban look and is fast becoming attractive to third parties such as wedding planners and location scouts, to really expand on the Yard’s offering.

Tristan Hessing founder and managing director of Makers Yard, said: “I’m very excited to be part of the burgeoning Makers Yard where I can develop Future Makers, a new type of creative hub, tailored to the needs of the region and plugging an infrastructure gap in the creative industries.”

“Blueprint are the ideal partners for me in this endeavour and are working closely with me to bring the vision of a creative incubator alongside an ambitious event hall to fruition.”

Within the areas surrounding Makers Yard, other industrial buildings are being put to more commercialised and community use, with one Trent Basin resident using one plot for their martial arts studio. Other sites include a bicycle storage unit for residents and a soon-to-be café bar with on-site community space that will serve the local people of the area.

Ashley Walters, development manager at Blueprint, said: “By facilitating more community-focused operators, we hope to cultivate a diverse offering at Trent Basin, giving residents social infrastructure to further establish this new neighbourhood. Through continued support, Blueprint aims to create a flourishing, integrated community that will continue to appeal to a diverse audience of homeowners.

“Using Footprint as a guide to good quality placemaking, initiatives and spaces such as Future Makers, and other projects that we support, like Flo Skatepark and Trent Villas, will really lead the way in creating an inclusive, innovative community.”

Trent Basin is made up of high quality, low energy homes and apartments on the banks of the River Trent, designed by award-winning architects and managed by Blueprint. Overlooking the inland dock, it plays a major role in the Nottingham Waterside regeneration project – a development that stretches out over 250 acres of land, making it one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Blueprint is supported by igloo Regeneration. The development follows igloo’s trusted Footprint® approach, a United Nations-recognised sustainable investment methodology, ensuring that each of the developments are highly sustainable and designed to positively impact people’s wellbeing and the planet, creating great places for people enjoy, both now and in the future.

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